Aurora Solar Panel Installation

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There are so many environmental and financial benefits of adding solar as an energy source for your home in Aurora. We wish every home could have solar! Some homes will be a candidate for fully offsetting their energy usage using solar panels, while some may not. Let Groveton Roof and Solar analyze your home’s roof, while considering the latest regulations, incentives, and technology to see if Aurora CO solar panel installation is right for you. Even if your roof does not qualify for a system capable of offsetting all of your energy usages, you can still save money with solar. Let Groveton Roof and Solar show you how!

Why Add Solar Panels To Your Aurora Home?

There are so many reasons to choose solar power as the primary source of energy for your Aurora home, whether your goal is to support green energy and reduce fossil fuel usage, or protect yourself from continual increases in energy costs from your electricity provider, solar is a great option. Solar power gives your home clean and consistent energy all year long.

We proudly provide Aurora solar panel installations as well as for homes in the Denver metro area and beyond.

We discuss many of these considerations below.

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Go Solar with Groveton!

Adding solar panels to your home is a smart and worthwhile investment that will benefit you for years to come. Groveton Roof & Solar has a skilled team ready to install solar panels on your home in Colorado today. We want to help you break free from the old way of getting energy and put the power back in your hands (and on your roof). When you’re ready to get started, a Groveton Roof & Solar team member will perform a free roof integrity evaluation, gather your electric usage and billing information, and create a solar panel proposal for your specific roof. We want to help you can contribute to a greener, more sustainable future and save money in the process!

Go Solar with Groveton!

Installing solar for your home is a valuable and worthwhile investment that not only benefits your wallet but the environment. Groveton Roof & Solar has an expert team ready to complete your Aurora solar panel installation. Are you ready to break free from traditional energy sources? Put the power back in your hands (and on your roof) with solar. The Groveton Roof & Solar team can complete a free roof evaluation, assess your electricity usage, and create a solar proposal for your home. Commit to a greener, more sustainable future and save money in the process. It’s a win-win!

solar panels on a roof

The Benefits of Solar Energy

Green Energy is the Wave of the Future

Solar power is a clean energy source that reduces pollution and your carbon footprint. This sustainable energy source will give your Aurora home energy while lessening your home’s environmental impact. Solar power will continue to grow in popularity and as more people seek to improve the way we generate energy.

More Consistent Energy Availability

Contrary to what people used to believe, solar power is a very reliable energy source! Whether it is a sunny day or not, you will never be without power! With Aurora solar panel installation, you are able to store unused energy for a rainy day (literally!) Excess energy can also be repurchased by your electricity provider via Net Metering. This helps to offset any power you may occasionally use from the power grid. Solar also prevents your home from losing power in the event of an outage. With more people making the switch to solar, there will be fewer blackouts and brownouts, thanks to the decrease in stress on the power grid.

Save Money and Add Value with Solar Energy

By installing solar panels on your roof, you will save money each month on energy costs in Aurora. The average solar customers could see anywhere from 10%-30% savings by switching to solar energy. You could also qualify for significant tax credits and reduce your federal income tax amounts. Adding solar panels to your home is an investment in your home, the environment, and clean energy for your family.

Why Is Solar Energy So Important?

As consumers, we get many benefits from utilizing solar energy, but it goes far beyond the monthly savings and convenience. The impact solar power has on the environment is much lower than any other power source. The sun provides more energy than we will ever need. In fact, 18 days’ worth of sunlight contains the same amount of energy stored in all of the planet’s coal, oil, and natural gas reserves. When we harness this tremendous power, we are continuously provided with clean, sustainable energy.

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